Top 15 Arched Cabinet Options: Showcasing Elegance and Functionality

Each of us possesses a collection of books, curiosities, and small keepsakes that we cherish and wish to exhibit in our homes. These objects may hold sentimental value from our past journeys, be cherished family heirlooms, or simply be aesthetically pleasing items we take delight in seeing every day. When it comes to showcasing these precious possessions, it’s crucial to recognize that the cabinet housing them plays an equally significant role as the items it holds.

Arched cabinets are a perfect blend of beautiful design and function. With their graceful curves and versatile styles, these cabinets can effortlessly enhance any room in your home, be it a living room, entryway, dining room or home office and provide lots of storage for shelf decor. Ready to discover the perfect arched cabinet for your unique space? In this post, I put together a roundup of the top 15 arched cabinets in 2023 (including my personal favorite) that you can order online. I hope you find this post helpful – Let’s dive right in!

Personal Favorite

Fern Storage Cabinet

This is one of the most unique and breathtaking cabinets there is – I’m absolutely in love with this. The best part of this arched cabinet is the three drawers on the bottom, which provide so much function and hidden storage! Read Review

Choosing Your Perfect Arched Cabinet

Several factors come into play when selecting the ideal arched cabinet for your home, all aimed at finding the best fit for your needs. Some considerations include:

  • Style: Choose a cabinet that matches the overall aesthetic of your home. Options include cabinets with beautiful glass doors, solid doors, or a mix of both.

  • Size: Measure the available space in your home to ensure the cabinet will fit properly. Consider the height, width, and depth of the cabinet.

  • Budget: Determine your budget and look for cabinets that fall within your price range.

  • Material: The material used in the cabinet’s construction is a vital aspect to consider when choosing your arched cabinet – it has an effect on price, look and durability. Some popular options include solid wood, metal or MDF + wood veneer. Each material offers different finishes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your interior design preferences.

  • Functionality: Arched cabinets offer diverse storage possibilities to cater to your needs. Some cabinets feature pull out storage drawers, while others provide open shelving or a combination of both. Think about what items you want to store or display in your cabinet and look for options that offer the perfect balance of elegance and functionality.

With a variety of sizes and price ranges, arched cabinets offer options that accommodate both your space and budget. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something more luxurious, there’s an arched cabinet out there for you.

What Are the Top Arched Cabinets?

A picture of a selection of the best arched cabinets with different features, such as glass doors, solid doors, double glass doors, pull out storage drawers, and more
Image Credit: WorldMarket

I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 options to assist you in finding the perfect arched cabinet for your home. Each cabinet offers a unique style, material, and storage solution to suit any home decor and storage needs.

  1. Fern Arched Storage Cabinet – Top Recommendation

  2. Ventana Arched Cabinet

  3. Hutt China Cabinet

  4. Darcie Cabinet

  5. Opalhouse Arched Wood Cabinet

  6. Apolline Curio Cabinet

  7. Brookes Arched Cabinet

  8. Elodia Dining Cabinet

  9. Aris Glass Door Cabinet

  10. Mason Storage Cabinet

  11. Hattie Glass Cabinet

  12. Giotto Cabinet

  13. Annie Natural Storage Cabinet

  14. Darlene Tall Rattan Arch Bookshelf

  15. Faron Cabinet

1. Fern Arched Storage Cabinet

A picture of a stunning arched cabinet with glass doors and pull out storage drawers, perfect for a dining room
Image Credit: Anthropologie

The Fern Arched Storage Cabinet is a luxurious and functional addition to any home. This stunning piece features:

  • Tempered glass doors

  • Warm Wood Tone
  • Carrara marble-topped drawers

  • Brass-finished aluminum hardware

  • Available in six elegant colors: sage, warm white, black, blue, red and pine. (I personally loved the sage and the warm white)

With three shelves and three wooden drawers with elegant brass pulls, this cabinet provides customizable storage for any space, including hidden storage for items you’d like to keep out of sight. The Fern Storage Cabinet’s impressive dimensions of 38” W x 74” H x 16.25” D make it a statement piece that will elevate your home decor.

2. Ventana Arched Cabinet

Image Credit: Crate & Barrel

With it’s old-work look and rustic welded design, the Ventana Arched Cabinet is a stunner! I love two elements of this cabinet – one, where each piece is hand weld (an ode to a time of great craftsmanship and when things weren’t mass made), and two, it has a narrow center door that’s a unique design feature.

This cabinet is a true work of art and a convenient and stylish addition to any space.

3. Hutt China Cabinet

Image Credit: WayFair

The Hutt China Cabinet is a unique piece that exudes a spacious feel with its circular warm lines, bronze metal handles and transparent glass doors. Crafted from iron and featuring an eye-catching mid-century modern design finish, this cabinet stands on four legs. The black color would look particularly fetching when paired with contrasting white or lighter color ornaments inside.

4. Darcie Cabinet

The Darcie Cabinet is the perfect choice for those looking to showcase their favorite decor pieces in style. Here are some key features of the cabinet:

  • Beautifully arched top

  • Three finishes: Gunmetal, Light Oak & Black and Black

  • Sleek and modern look

  • Complements any home decor

  • Fixed shelves for a clean and streamlined appearance

  • Excellent option for displaying books, decorative items, barware and more

Although it comes with a high price point, the Darcie Cabinet’s unique design and quality construction make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a statement piece in their home.

5. Opalhouse Arched Wood Cabinet

Image Credit: Target

Target’s Opalhouse Arched Wood Cabinet offers a budget-friendly, boho-style option with ample storage space for a variety of items. This eye-catching cabinet features:

  • Arch shape design

  • Stylish lattice design doors and top

  • Open top for easy access

  • Three interior shelves for plenty of storage space

Its unique design and affordable price make it a popular choice for those seeking a stylish and practical cabinet without breaking the bank.

6. Apolline Curio Cabinet

Image Credit: Lulu & Georgia

Lulu & Georgia’s Apolline Curio Cabinet features:

  • Solid oak wood construction

  • Timeless arched design

  • Clear glass front for displaying items

  • Durable construction for long-lasting use

  • Four removable shelves

The cabinet is available in three colors – black, natural and oak & black (my favorite because of the contrasting colors). While the price point is on the higher end, the exceptional quality and classic design make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a statement piece for their home.

7. Brookes Arched Cabinet

Image Credit: McGee & Co.

The Brookes Arched Cabinet by McGee & Co. combines modern design with ample storage space, perfect for any room.

  • Crafted with a sturdy iron frame

  • Features beautiful arched pulls and an elegant appearance

  • Comes in three colors – cream powder coat, vintage white oak and black.

8. Elodia Dining Cabinet

Image Credit: WayFair

The Elodia is a European style cabinet that is sturdy, stylish and spacious. Javier Arched Cabinet showcases a unique combination of wood and rattan, with hidden drawers and an elegant arched design. This stunning cabinet features a textured and refined design in a golden color that will stand out in any living space.

9. Aris Glass Door Cabinet

Image Credit: Ballard Designs

The Aris Glass Door Cabinet is a handmade arched cabinet made of mango wood and mahogany, perfect for displaying books and decor pieces. This beautiful cabinet features a unique, eye-catching design with double glass doors in a French casement style, secure magnetic door catches, and reliable anti-tip hardware for enhanced safety and ease. The Aris Glass Door Cabinet’s exceptional quality and timeless design make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a statement piece for their home.

10. Mason Storage Cabinet

Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

Mason Storage Cabinet offers a mid-priced option with a similar look to other pricier cabinets, featuring wooden knobs and modern legs. This beautiful cabinet boasts four upper shelves for displaying collections, lower drawers for protected storage, and is available in three stunning finishes (the natural being my favorite hands-down!). The Mason Storage Cabinet is a great value option, providing an elegant and practical storage solution for any room.

11. Hattie Glass Arched Cabinet

Image Credit: Arhaus

Arhaus’ Hattie Glass Arched Cabinet is a solid oak wood cabinet with cord-management holes and adjustable shelves, providing a beautiful and functional storage solution for any room. Artisan-crafted in Indonesia and available in 2 size variants (36” W x 79” H x 19” D and 46” W x 89” H x 19” D) , this timeless arched cabinet features a warm and inviting design that can fit into any traditional, or contemporary design style.

12. Giotto Cabinet

Image Credit: Arhaus

The Giotto Arch Cabinet from Arhaus is an artisan-crafted, old-world style statement piece for any home decor. This exquisite cabinet features gentle curves, exquisite detail, and ample shelving for showcasing items. It is artfully crafted in Italy and available in colors such as antique blue and antique white. The cabinet also features 5 shelves (4 of which are adjustable) and cabinet doors with exposed hinges for added convenience and style.

13. Annie Natural Storage Cabinet

Image Credit: Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel’s Annie Natural Storage Cabinet is a minimalist solid wood cabinet with the following features:

  • Arched pulls

  • Adjustable shelves – One fixed shelf and two adjustable shelves

  • Spacious interior

This beautiful cabinet offers a stylish and practical storage solution for those seeking a gorgeous piece where one can stash away linens, or dining room serving ware.

14. Darlene Tall Rattan Arch Bookshelf

Image Credit: WorldMarket

WorldMarket’s Darlene Tall Rattan Arch Bookshelf offers a unique design with a combination of rattan and wood, perfect for a bohemian-inspired space. This eye-catching bookshelf features an impressive arched frame with woven rattan, four open shelves, and intricate details. This bookshelf oozes of character and will pair well with other natural-fiber shelving, desks and tables.

15. Faron Cabinet

Image Credit: Lulu & Georgia

The Faron Cabinet comes in an all-black color and features open shelving with a cabinet below opening to a spacious interior—perfect for everything from stashing household essentials or kids toys to displaying decor and vintage market finds.


To sum up, arched cabinets, with their diverse styles, materials, and price points, cater to any home decor and storage requirements. From cabinets with glass doors for a modern look to those with solid doors for a more classic appeal, there’s an arched cabinet for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist aesthetic in your design or a statement piece, these cabinets provide the perfect blend of elegance and functionality to enhance your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries about arched cabinets, providing guidance on styling these stunning pieces and integrating them into your home decor.

How do you style arched cabinets?

Styling arched cabinets can be an enjoyable process with a variety of tips and techniques at your disposal. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Use glass doors for a modern look or solid doors for a more classic appeal.

  2. Use contrast – Mix large and small pieces when filling up shelves. Contrasting between the sizes will ensure smaller pieces are not lost visually.

  3. Play with different colors to add a pop of personality to your space.

  4. Divide shelves to create interest.

  5. Consider adding lighting to emphasize certain items or create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

  6. Play around with things – at the end of the day, the visual appeal of an arched cabinet comes from your own individual style. So feel free to experiment looks.

Are arched cabinets suitable for all design styles?

Arched cabinets are a versatile choice that can be used to enhance traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, and bohemian-inspired spaces.

Can arched cabinets be used in a home office?

Yes, arched cabinets are a great option for your home office – providing style and functionality to store books, files, and decorative items.