11 Essential Egg Chairs for Ultimate Comfort in 2023

Welcome to the cozy and stylish world of egg chairs! These iconic pieces of furniture have been a favorite choice for interior designers and homeowners alike. With their unique design, exceptional comfort, and versatility, it’s no wonder egg chairs are the best furniture additions you can make to your backyard or living space. In this blog post, I’ve curated 11 of the absolutely perfect egg chair options out there.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me address some of the pressing questions out there.

Are egg chairs actually comfy?

Yes, egg chairs are incredibly comfortable! Their ergonomic shape and plush cushioning provide a cozy seating experience. The soft materials used in their construction, such as foam or fabric, further enhance their comfort.

The gentle swinging motion of hanging egg chairs helps reduce tension and stress, making them a perfect spot for relaxation.

Why are egg chairs so expensive?

Egg chairs are often considered expensive due to:

  • The labor-intensive process involved in making them

  • Their stylish design

  • Ergonomic features

  • Meticulous craftsmanship

  • The sleek design and difficulty of creating the egg shape

All of these factors contribute to their higher price. However, the comfort and style they provide make them a worthwhile investment for many homeowners.

How Do You Choose the Right Egg Chair

When you’re on the hunt for your very own egg chair, there are several factors to consider to make sure you choose the perfect one. From purpose and location to comfort, material, size, style, and frame support, you want to ensure you make an informed decision that will provide you with a cozy and stylish addition to your home.

So, let’s explore these aspects to help you find the ideal egg chair for your space!

Purpose and Location

Considering the purpose and location of your egg chair is crucial for making the right choice. Whether you plan to use it indoors or outdoors, your egg chair should fit seamlessly into your space. For instance, if you’re looking for a cozy corner in your living room, a hanging indoor egg chair might be perfect.

On the other hand, if you want to create a relaxing nook in your garden, a weather-resistant outdoor egg chair would be more suitable. The possibilities are endless, so think about how and where you’d like to enjoy your egg chair before deciding on one, or many 🙂

Comfort and Material

Choosing an egg chair requires a special emphasis on comfort. After all, you want to enjoy lounging in it for hours on end! The material of the chair plays a significant role in determining its comfort level. Some options to consider include:

  • Fabric

  • Wicker

  • Metal

  • Leatherette

Each material offers its own unique feel and aesthetic, so be sure to choose one that suits your personal preferences and needs.

Wicker furniture, in particular, is a popular choice. Additionally, the quality of the cushion and its weather resistance also contribute to the chair’s overall comfort. So, evaluate these factors to ensure you pick an egg chair that promises maximum relaxation.

Size and Space

The size of the egg chair and the space it will occupy is another element to bear in mind during your selection process. Egg chairs come in different sizes, ranging from single-seaters to double-seaters. Before making a purchase, measure your available space to ensure the chair will fit comfortably.

Remember to leave some room for movement around the chair, especially if it’s a swing chair. By keeping size and space in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy your egg chair without feeling cramped or overwhelmed.

Style and Design

Choose an egg chair whose style and design harmonize with your existing décor and reflect your personal style preferences. Egg chairs come in various styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional. You can also choose from different frame colors to match your overall aesthetic.

Also, don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns to create a unique and inviting space that reflects your personal style.

Frame and Support

Lastly, don’t forget to evaluate the frame and support system of the egg chair. A sturdy and durable frame ensures your chair will last for years to come and provide a safe seating experience. Materials such as steel, aluminum, and polyethylene rattan resin are common choices for egg chair frames.

What are the Best Egg Chairs for Your Home?

Image Credit: Target

Armed with knowledge on what to look for in an egg chair, you’re now ready to explore some of the top choices on the market. I’ve curated a list of 11 amazing egg chairs that cater to a variety of preferences, styles, and budgets. With this selection, you’re sure to find the perfect egg chair to complete your dream space.

So, let’s not wait any longer and start discovering which of these fabulous egg chairs is the perfect fit for your home!

  1. Opalhouse Southport Patio Egg ChairTop Recommendation

  2. Better Homes & Gardens Ventura Boho Wicker Egg ChairBest Budget Option

  3. Kid’s Ventura Outdoor Wicker Stationary Egg ChairBest for Kids

  4. Wicker & Metal Patio Egg Chair

  5. Pod Hanging Outdoor Egg Chair

  6. Opalhouse Britanna Patio Hanging Egg Chair

  7. Sunjoy Swivel Egg Cuddle Chair

  8. Mojtbe Wicker Swing Egg Chair

  9. Jamison Porch Swing

  10. Elliott Outdoor/Indoor Round Egg Chair

  11. Wellingborough Egg Chair

1. Opalhouse Southport Patio Egg Chair

A wicker egg chair with cushions
Image Credit: Target

The Opalhouse Southport Patio Egg Chair is a stylish, comfortable and unique option available at Target. This egg chair features a weather-resistant resin wicker frame and comes with DuraSeason Fabric™ cushions. The ultra-durable plush cushions ensure a cozy seating experience, making it perfect for relaxing in your patio, porch or backyard.

With its elegant design and durability, the Opalhouse Southport Patio Egg Chair is an excellent addition to your outdoor space.

Pro Tip: This egg chair goes on sale multiple times throughout the Spring season! With a 4.7 star rating, this chair has a huge fan following and tends to run out fairly quickly. So, grab one quickly before it runs out.

2. Better Homes & Gardens Ventura Boho Wicker Egg Chair

egg chair outdoor
Image Credit: Walmart

If you’re looking for a versatile and cozy option, the Better Homes & Gardens Ventura Boho Wicker Egg Chair is a fantastic choice. Available at Walmart, this egg chair features a chic wicker frame, loose pillow cushions made from 50% recycled materials, and 4 color options – brown, cream, gray and an off-white.

Its boho-inspired design adds a touch of flair to any space be it a patio, porch, lanai, garden, or backyard, while the comfortable cushions ensure you’ll love spending time in this chair.

3. Kid’s Ventura Outdoor Wicker Stationary Egg Chair

outdoor egg chair, outdoor egg chairs
Image Credit: Walmart

I couldn’t resist bringing this super cute one to the list – why not bring the comfort of egg chairs to your little ones? The Better Homes & Gardens Kid’s Ventura Outdoor Wicker Stationary Egg Chair is a child-sized version of the popular adult chair. Made of wicker with cream cushions for added comfort, this chair is perfect for children to enjoy in the backyard or on the patio.

Its classic egg-shaped design and cozy cushioning make it an attractive and functional addition to any outdoor space.

4. Wicker & Metal Patio Egg Chair

A comfortable and stylish Wicker Egg Chair for your patio or garden
Image Credit: Target

For those who appreciate a modern twist on the classic egg chair design, the Wicker & Metal Patio Egg Chair is a great option. I aboslutely love this chair, and is my personal favorite. With its 50 inch depth, it’s one of only a handful of wide egg chairs out there and is definitely a statement piece.

This egg-shaped patio chair is built on a weather-resistant and rust-resistant steel frame and showcases a wicker cage construction, thereby combining durability with style. Its contemporary design and weather-resistant materials make it a fantastic choice for outdoor seating.

5. Pod Hanging Outdoor Egg Chair

hanging egg chair
Image Credit: CB2

The Pod Hanging Outdoor Egg Chair is a popular and elegant option for outdoor relaxation. Known for its durability, this egg chair is constructed with 100% recyclable resin that is handwoven on a powdercoated aluminum frame.

Its unique teardrop shape adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space. Just a heads up though – the tufted cushion is optional and the mounting hardware is not included as part of the chair.

6. Opalhouse Britanna Patio Hanging Egg Chair

target egg chair
Image Credit: Target

Another fantastic option available at Target is the Opalhouse Britanna Patio Hanging Egg Chair. This unique teardrop-shaped chair features a sturdy, all-weather black metal frame and a curved rod, from which the egg chair hangs freely, offering a relaxed vibe for those days when all one wants to do is just kick back and relax.

With the Opalhouse Britanna Patio Hanging Egg Chair, you’ll have a stylish and cozy spot to unwind in your outdoor space.

7. Sunjoy Swivel Egg Cuddle Chair

patio egg chair, swivel egg chair
Image Credit: Walmart

For a cozy, fun and versatile seating option, look no further than the Sunjoy Swivel Egg Cuddle Chair. This egg chair features:

  • A curved egg-shaped design

  • A swivel base – which is a lot of fun for the young ones

  • All-weather wicker on a powder-coated steel frame

  • White fabric covered cushions that can withstand different seasons
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Its open-weave design adds a touch of modernity and elegance to any deck space.

8. Mojtbe Wicker Swing Egg Chair

egg chair with stand
Image Credit: Walmart

Budget-conscious shoppers will appreciate the Mojtbe Wicker Swing Egg Chair. This stylish and affordable option is made of PE wicker and woven materials, offering a comfortable and durable seating experience.

I love the fact that it affords versatility – the stand and chair combo makes it easy to move inside or outside the house without having to permanently attach the chair to the ceiling. With the Mojtbe Swing Egg Chair, you can enjoy the comfort and style of an egg chair without breaking the bank.

9. Jamison Porch Swing

tear drop hanging chair
Image Credit: WayFair

The Jamison Porch Swing is a trendy hanging swing chair with a teardrop shape and free-floating design. Perfect for adding a touch of style to your front porch or backyard, this chair is made with a gray frame and white cushions for a sleek and modern look.

The polyester upholstered cushions ensure a comfortable seating experience – it feels like a hug. With the Jamison Porch Swing, you can relax in style while enjoying the gentle sway of this unique chair.

10. Elliott Outdoor/Indoor Round Egg Chair

Image Credit: Bed, Bath & Beyond

If you’re in search of a versatile option suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, the Elliott Outdoor/Indoor Round Egg Chair is an excellent choice. This chair features:

  • Round accent chair

  • Curved back for maximum comfort

  • Light, durable aluminium frame

These features, including the frame color, make it a stylish addition to any space, effortlessly blending into your decor.

11. Wellingborough Egg Chair

Image Credit: WayFair

For a luxurious and comfortable choice, consider the Wellingborough Egg Chair. This chair offers the following features:

  • Designed to fit in even the smallest of spaces

  • Wrapped wicker frame and robust metal construction ensure durability

  • Ergonomic design and plush water-resistant cushioning provide ultimate comfort

With the Wellingborough Egg Chair, you can enjoy a cozy and stylish seating experience in your home.

The History of Egg Chairs

egg chair Arne Jacobsen
Image Credit: Wikimedia by Fidelio

The egg chair has a fascinating history that dates back to the 1950s when it was first designed by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. Over the years, egg chairs have evolved in terms of materials, colors, and styles, becoming more comfortable and ergonomic with features like adjustable headrests and lumbar support.

Today, egg chairs remain a popular choice for modern and contemporary homes, offering a unique and cozy seating option that has evolved through the years.

Caring for your Egg Chair

Proper care is key to ensuring the longevity and maintaining the appearance of your egg chair. Store your chair in a cool, dry place, preferably indoors, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. If storing outdoors, use a protective cover to shield it from the elements.

Regularly check the frame and support system for signs of wear and tear, and replace any damaged parts if necessary.

Egg Chair Alternatives

If an egg chair isn’t the right fit for your space, there are plenty of alternative seating options to explore. Bean bags, hammocks, and papasan chairs are some popular alternatives that offer flexibility in terms of size, shape, and style.

These options can also be more economical than egg chairs, making them a great choice if you’re on a budget.


In conclusion, egg chairs are a timeless and versatile seating option that can enhance any space. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to relax indoors or a stylish addition to your outdoor area, an egg chair is an excellent choice. By considering factors like purpose, location, comfort, material, size, style, and frame support, you can find the perfect egg chair for your home. With proper care and attention to safety, your egg chair will provide you with years of comfort and enjoyment. So, go ahead and indulge in the cozy world of egg chairs – you deserve it!

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap up our egg chair exploration, let’s address some frequently asked questions about these cozy and stylish seating options. From their popularity and benefits to their comfort and pricing, we’ve got you covered on all things egg chair related.

Let’s proceed to these questions to satisfy your curiosity!

Why is the egg chair so popular?

The egg chair has gained popularity over the years due to its timeless design and versatility. Its unique shape and cozy cocoon-like feel make it a favorite choice for relaxation and lounging.

Moreover, its association with mid-century modern design and ability to fit seamlessly into various interior styles have contributed to its enduring appeal. With an egg chair, you get a stylish and comfortable seating option that adds a touch of modernity to any space.

Are egg chairs suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, egg chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors! Just make sure to choose a weather-resistant material for outdoor use.